Saresma’s current publications in English

The Intersections of Sexuality and Religion in the Anti-Interculturalist Rhetoric in Finnish Internet Discussion on Muslim Homosexuals in Amsterdam.  Lähdesmäki, Tuuli & Saresma, Tuija (2015) In Strohschen, G. & Gourlay, J. (eds.), Building Barriers and Bridges: Interculturalism in the 21th Century, p. 35–48. Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press.

“Re-framing gender equality in Finnish online discussion on immigration”. Lähdesmäki Tuuli & Saresma Tuija.  NORA – Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research 22:4 (2014), 299–313.

Mapping the concept(s) of Belonging. Lähdesmäki, Tuuli & Ahvenjärvi, Kaisa & Jäntti, Saara & Saresma, Tuija & Sääskilahti, Nina & Vallius, Antti (2014). Mapping the Concept(s) of Belonging. In Stuart Picken & Jerry Platt (eds.) ACCS2014. The Asian Conference on Cultural Studies, Conference Proceedings 2014. Nagoya: The International Academic Forum, 85–99. (

”Spatial and bodily metaphors in narrating the experience of listening to sad music.” Musicae Scientiae 18 (3), 292–306. Peltola Henna-Riikka & Saresma Tuija 2014.

The politics of reading the autobiographical I’s. The ’truth’ about Outi. /thirdspace/ 3 (2005). (Ref.)

’Art as a way to life.’ Bereavement and the healing power of arts and writing. Qualitative Inquiry 9 (4): 2003, 603–620. (Ref.)